How are Alter Sleeves made?

How are Alter Sleeves made?

We print on Dragon Shield Perfect Fit bottom-loading inner sleeves. They are PVC and Acid-free.
These are primed by hand and then printed, each sleeve is carefully examined to make sure the product that reaches the customer is the highest quality we can produce.

If you have an Alter Sleeve in a deck and the rest of the cards are in Dragon Shield Perfect Fit inner sleeves, it should be indistinguishable when double sleeved.
Alter Sleeves should fit in any Outer Sleeve that Dragon Shield Perfect Fit sleeves work in.
Note: different brands of outer sleeves will fit differently around the inner sleeve.

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    • Where is Alter Sleeves based?

      Alter Sleeves is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
    • Does Alter Sleeves keep my payment information?

      Alter Sleeves does not store your payment information. The payment systems we use, Stripe and PayPal, may store your information.
    • Where does Alter Sleeves ship from?

      Alter Sleeves ship from Madison, WI for USA orders, and from Utrecht, Netherlands for everywhere else in the world.