How do I manage my designs?

How do I manage my designs?

From your dashboard, you can click through to the “Manage Alters” page. Here you are able to edit your uploaded designs.

On this page, you can do the following things, if needed: 

  1. Change the chosen design name
  2. Change the chosen default M:tG card
  3. Change the chosen PNG file
  4. Select additional printings this design works for
  5. Delete your design from the website
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    • Can I get some help with my designs?

      When you sign up as an alterist, you will receive an email with a Discord link in it. Alter Sleeve uses Discord as a platform for the alterist community, and once you join you will find channels for discussing general ideas, or getting help with ...
    • What is Alter Sleeves' position regarding IP or copyright infringement?

      Alter Sleeves expect all uploaded designs to be original designs or with at least distinguishable original elements. When public domain images are used for the design, Alter Sleeve still requires the designs to be visibly edited. In the end, the ...
    • How does it all work?

      These are the basics: Alter Sleeves offers a web platform for artists, who we call alterists, to upload designs. The designs we offer at the moment are only for Magic: The Gathering. After the designs are uploaded to the site, customers are able to ...
    • What are Alter Sleeves?

      An Alter Sleeve is a high-quality design printed on perfect-fitting ‘inner’ sleeves that change the appearance of collectible card game cards without permanently marking them. Players will be able to switch card designs with their mood, temporarily ...
    • How do I order Alter Sleeves?

      There are multiple ways to browse for Alter Sleeves to order. You could go to the alterist page to find all the designs of your favorite alterist, look through designs and sort those by set, go to our set index, or use the search bar to find a card ...