How do I order Alter Sleeves?

How do I order Alter Sleeves?

There are multiple ways to browse for Alter Sleeves to order. You could go to the alterist page to find all the designs of your favorite alterist, look through designs and sort those by set, go to our set index, or use the search bar to find a card you have, select the available printing that matches your card and see which designs are available. When you have found the designs you would like to order, you can add those to your cart and you will be able to proceed to checkout.

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    • Where is Alter Sleeves based?

      Alter Sleeves is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
    • How are Alter Sleeves made?

      We print on Dragon Shield Perfect Fit bottom-loading inner sleeves. They are PVC and Acid-free. These are primed by hand and then printed, each sleeve is carefully examined to make sure the product that reaches the customer is the highest quality we ...
    • Trouble with a received order?

      We want you to be happy with your Alter Sleeves purchase. Therefore, if you find any issues with the design or the specific printing of the sleeve, we would be happy to replace it for you. If you find one of these issues in your received order, ...