How do I set up and use Discord?

How do I set up and use Discord?

How do I set up and use Discord?

And What about the AS Server?

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In this article we cover what actually Discord is and how we use the Alter Sleeves Discord server.

What is Discord?

Basically, Discord is a free application. It combines the voice chat aspects of services like Skype and Teamspeak with the text chat aspects of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and instant messaging services (IM). It's available as a standalone desktop or mobile app. Discord is a web, mobile and desktop application that was initially made for online gamers as a free alternative to voice chat services like Skype or TeamSpeak; These services facilitate Voice over IP (called VoIP) communication between members of gaming clans, guilds, and other groups. Instead of using the voice communication tools built into games, which are often lower quality and lack features, gamers use these services to play together. However Discord has greatly grown beyond that initial scope and has incorporated much larger and more complex features that mirror other online communication services like IM, IRC, and even Forums. Again, it should be noted that Discord can also be accessed through a web-based app on web browsers like Chrome and Firefox among others.

How do I sign up for and download Discord?

    Discord is free and has no advertising, they do not sell your data or use other shady practices; for those wondering they generate most of their money from setting up sponsored servers with larger companies/personalities and from their premium membership called Nitro. However for the majority of users, you do not need to nor ever will need to spend money to use or interact with Discord.  

    Signing up is very easy to do, though you do not need an account to use Discord, you do need an account to be able to participate in the Alter Sleeves Discord server and to get your account verified to submit alters on the AS platform. You can use Discord in a web browser by going to their website,, and clicking Open Discord, however it is advised you download a client application for Discord instead as it is much more stable and easier to use. The mobile or desktop versions work for this. This can be done by downloading and installing the application. It is available on pretty much every major platform, so pick the choice that best fits the devices you own. 


The quickest way however to make an account on Discord is simply by opening it up in the browser; I recommend doing this while it is downloading and installing so that once it is ready, you can just log in. If you already have an account skip down below to the information about our specific Alter Sleeves Discord server. You’ll have to enter a username and pass a Captcha, your username can be literally anything as Discord will add some numbers at the end to make it unique.

    Once you do this, Discord will load into your browser and you’ll be presented with some form of a welcome screen. For now close the Welcome screen and an account claim form will show up. This account claim form lets you finalize and register your account to you so that you can log into it at another time.

    Once you have a claimed account and Discord is installed, all you have to do is click the Artist Server Invite Link on the Dashboard when you try to submit an alter and Discord should open up and invite you to join us. If not, copy the end numbers and letters of the link on the dashboard into Discord under the server invite button.

How do I use Discord?

Though it is pretty straightforward if you have used similar chat focused applications before, it may still be confusing. I would recommend checking out the official guide to Discord if you want a detailed overview and specifics about each feature and topic of the software over on the Discord website: Beginner's Guide to Discord – Discord!


Why do we use Discord? Is Discord Required?

    As mentioned above, Discord is extremely convenient and helpful especially when it comes to bringing communities together. We at Alter Sleeves have considered using other platforms, like a subreddit or forum, but Discord provided some useful features that wouldn’t quite be possible otherwise. The ability to quickly discuss issues and topics between staff and alteriests as well as having an open space to share work is extremely valuable for us and our artists. Plus with Discord being free and offering amazing features like voice and video streaming, it was simply a no-brainer. It's more personal, direct, and so far our artists have greatly appreciated it. Though other similar platforms exist that are like Discord, for example Slack, they are not as popular and often cost money or are targeted for more formal business situations.

    So, is Discord required for our artists and customers? The short answer is no. You are not required or forced to use it with the sole exception of the ten or so minutes that are required to sign up to upload alters onto the site. When you sign up to be an alterist for Alter Sleeves, we require that each artist talk with a moderator on our Discord. During this interview of sorts we meet the artist and look over their work, answer questions they may have about the platform, and so forth. The purpose is to verify that the work you are doing is yours and that you meet the eligibility requirements (being 18 or older) for the platform. But once this section is completed, you are wholly free to leave Discord and never use it again if you wish, but we do encourage artists to join and take part in our ever growing community server. 

A little bit about our Alter Sleeves Discord Server!

    As mentioned, we have a larger alterist community focused Discord server. It is open to artists and alterists who wish to join or are a part of the platform, currently the server is not public and you can only be invited by signing up to be an alterist. That being said, we will not kick people if they do not meet the requirements to be an artist. When you join the server you will be greeted with a little welcome message reminding you to read over the rules and checkout some of the channels. 

We want our server to be a friendly place, so don't be afraid to join in the chats. We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, issues or concerns, please DM one of the admins or moderators and we will make sure to make you heard. Our rules however are very straightforward. 

  1. Be Kind

    1. As we said, we want this server to be a friendly place. Our hope is that participants will be civil to other users. Any insults, provocation or other content the moderators deem inappropriate will not be tolerated and will be removed.

  2. No NSFW

    1. We do not allow any form of Not Safe For Work content.

    2. There is some exception for more adult, non-pornographic, content in our memes/shitpost channel.

  3. No Spamming or advertising

    1. Spamming, advertising, promoting, begging, buying, selling or trading is not permitted in any chats or via DM.

    2. We allow minimal promotion of art related posts in our #Positivity-Brigade Channel.

  4. Respect the moderators 

    1. We know that we all were given bad examples by how some soccer players behave towards referees, but that's no reason to start acting like that. Again, friendly place. So do not argue, insult, harass, or spam moderators and especially do not do so to Admins.

    In addition Discord uses a system of Roles to determine a hierarchy in servers. Our server has several roles, but the primary ones to know are:

  1. Admin

    1. These are the main roles for management staff at Alter Sleeves, they are the highest powered role on the server

  2. Mod Wrangler

    1. This is the role for the head moderator. If you have issues with a moderator, feel free to DM the person who has this role first, before escalating it to the Admins.

  3. Moderator

    1. This role is for the main moderators of the server and all of the roles are held by either members of Alter Sleeves (the company) or prominent community Artists. They are the main referees of the server and are there to help.

  4. Artists

    1. This is the general role for Artists who can submit works to the site

  5. MTG Artists

    1. These are artists who have worked with WoTC on MTG projects in the past.

  6. Bilingual

    1. This is a side-role that some users have that establishes they are fluent in a non-English language and willing to help users of that language. 

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