Join our Artist team!

Join our Artist team!

AlterSleeves’ is a marketplace that enables you to market and sell your unique painted or digitally designed Alter Sleeves, generating passive income off the creations you are already making! At a competitive price, Alter Sleeves appeals to new and expanded audiences without hurting your existing opportunities. We will do everything for you besides the creative part. We’ll get your designs seen, deal with payment, shipping and even sorting any customer service problems. You focus on making and uploading amazing designs, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Your art & your designs are always yours!

We value your hard work. Everything you submit will always belongs to you. You control what is for sale, Want it to be limited edition, sure! Want it removed from the store, no problem! No matter if you sell one or 1000 alters with us, you retain the rights and ownership of your designs. For legal specifics, please read our End User License Agreement, we’ve tried to keep it short and simple.

Make Passive Income off your Designs!

Whenever someone buys a piece you designed, you make money. The normal royalty rate is 20% of the Alter Sleeve cost. You will never owe us anything. Not for your account, for participating or promotion. All we ask of you is to share your designs and we will help you make money with them.

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(Once registered, you will find a link to join our discord on your dashboard, where you must send your portfolio or examples of your work to our team in order to fully finish setting up your account and allowing you to upload your designs)
Due to the massive influx of AI art "portfolios", we are warning you in advance we do not allow the submission of AI generated artwork (Midjourney, Dalle, ETC), We are looking for artists who create their own artwork, as such, candidates to our platform who try to pass AI generated artwork as their own will be immediately rejected.

Read more about our decision here.

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