Where is Alter Sleeves based?

Where is Alter Sleeves based?

Alter Sleeves is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
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      What are Alter Sleeves? And how do the site and the product actually function? Under 3 Minute Read. In this article, we cover what Alter Sleeves are and what you can do with them. What are Alter Sleeves? An Alter Sleeve is a high-quality printed ...
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      An Alter Sleeve is a high-quality design printed on perfect-fitting ‘inner’ sleeves that change the appearance of collectible card game cards without permanently marking them. Players will be able to switch card designs with their mood, temporarily ...
    • How are Alter Sleeves made?

      We print on Dragon Shield Perfect Fit bottom-loading inner sleeves. They are PVC and Acid-free. These are primed by hand and then printed, each sleeve is carefully examined to make sure the product that reaches the customer is the highest quality we ...
    • Does Alter Sleeves keep my payment information?

      Alter Sleeves does not store your payment information. The payment systems we use, Stripe and PayPal, may store your information.
    • Where does Alter Sleeves ship from?

      Alter Sleeves ship from Madison, WI for USA orders, and from Utrecht, Netherlands for everywhere else in the world.